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Erren River Natural Ecology

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      Erren River is the main river in southern Taiwan, the pristine condition of the natural ecology along the bank attracts flocks of birds and a large number of bird’s nests are built here. The schools of fish frolic next to the water plantation, while flora and fauna have all flourished here.

    Erren River

     viewing platform

      The Erren River Waterfront Park features a viewing platform, providing commanding views of the Erren River and the lush green plains, it is the ideal location to become close to nature.

      On the highland next to the banks of Erren River, there is a park built on 1.5 hectares of Township and Nationally owned land, this is suitable for the establishment of the Erren River Ecological Conservation Area. We are actively creating a network or grid ecological system, so as to protect the protogenic flora and fauna of the Erren River banks.

      Alian Township is at the center of the river basin, it is close to the urban areas of Kaohsiung and Tainan, it is also near the Provincial Highway No.28 and interchanges of National Highway No.1 and No.3, and it has immense potential for developing an ecological park.



      In addition, there is also the riverside park, ecological conservation area, waterfront park and Dagang Mountain water and soil conservation demonstration area, religious and cultural area and agriculture, hence the 7km area from the upstream of Erren River pump station to the Fongshan Village is designed as the ecological ranch to bring new destinations to the overall tourism of Alian Township.

    ErrenRiverNaturalEcology3   Erren River flows into Alian Township via Tianliao, the riverside park is created from Dagang Mountain Hot Spring to the bridge, which features green vegetation, moon-watching platform, star watching platform, BBQ area, wild plant life observation area, camping area, fresh water gate is also installed to form artificial lake, where water activities can be conducted. Furthermore, water can be introduced to the pond of the Dagang Mountain water and soil conservation demonstration area for irrigating the 80 hectares of land.

      The ecological reserve bridge and the Nansyong Bridge through the snake cave is Erren River’s most elegant curvature. The water plant life thrives here, large quantity of swamp vegetation which seem like isolated islands form habitats for water birds. In order to protect wild animals and plants to inhabit in the safe environment, the area is designed as a habitat or wild animal sanctuary, where they can forage for food, grow and breed.
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